Anti-aging Program

To enhance quality of life & longivity
Anti-Aging therapies on rejuvenation & beauty 
Prof.Meningaud's anti-aging Program

This book is intended for those who are seeking to regain control of their bodies by taking a comprehensive approach that addresses health and longevity as well as rejuvenation and beauty enhancement. Too often these areas are treated separately, even though they influence one another. Taking them into account together creates an overall effect that is greater than the sum of the expected effects in each area. This is called synergy, and my goal is to help you achieve it for yourself. This book offers a complete program that is designed to make a difference in the quality of one’s health and well-being, in just a few weeks. It provides scientifically proven advice to increase your life expectancy, immunity and energy, and takes stock of the most effective techniques in addressing one’s appearance. All recommendations are based on clinical studies and are offered in a progression from the simplest and most proven advice to the most sophisticated and safest techniques. This book provides an exhaustive review of the healthiest anti-aging approaches to diet, food supplements, hormones, anti-aging medications, sports, meditation, lifestyle, medical techniques, and surgical operations.

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